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Our experienced attorneys have extensive legal knowledge regarding family law and criminal law can provide your legal needs. Let us fight for you!

Family Law

Fathree & Fathree, PC, lawyers practicing in the Claremore area of Rogers County in Oklahoma, have forty-five years of combined experience, and expertise in the area of family law.

Criminal Law

Deborah and Wade Fathree have served as criminal prosecutors and have extensive experience in their private practices in the area of criminal law and the defense of difficult criminal charges.


Whatever the circumstances that led to a charge of misdemeanor, Fathree & Fathree can provide that defense in Claremore, Vinita, Pryor, Jay, Tulsa, and the surrounding areas.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations are simply a part of life for those who operate motor vehicles regularly. At Fathree & Fathree we understand people make mistakes and we have the experience to help.


Fathree & Fathree, PC, practicing in Claremore and surrounding areas, is an experienced legal team whose attorneys are capable of advising in a variety of legal situations.

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If you have been accused of a crime minor or otherwise, or you think you may need representation for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact our professional licensed attorneys.

Misdemeanors are by definition lesser crimes than their felony counterparts. Most misdemeanors are crimes like petty theft and public drunkenness, which, while embarrassing, are often regarded as petty or minor crimes which do not require the aid of a lawyer. However, whether you absolutely need a lawyer and whether you’ll regret not having a lawyer are two very different things. While misdemeanors will generally not affect employment, or place someone convicted of one on any public databases, unless the misdemeanor in question would classify the defendant as a sex offender (the database is national, not localize to Claremore), they can still have long term effects on your life.

The relative leniency of punishments associated with misdemeanors and their status as comparatively minor crimes should not be confused with a license to ignore the ramifications of being convicted of one. The inconveniences associated with conviction of a misdemeanor are often anything but minor, and often avoidable through the simple expedient of hiring a lawyer.

Under normal circumstances, misdemeanors in Oklahoma are not punishable with more than one year in jail, and fines of up to five hundred dollars. However, even a light sentence such as a month in jail represents a significant loss of income for the imprisoned and their family, and there’s no guarantee that a job will be waiting when the individual is released.

In these tough times, people often find themselves living paycheck to paycheck, and there is a line of people waiting for any decent job to open up in Claremore. What would even a month without a paycheck mean for your family? How about two? Or three?

In many cases, a decent legal defense by an experienced lawyer can keep someone standing trial for a misdemeanor out of jail and in work, making an attorney a smart investment in the long term. Jail time is not the only possible outcome for misdemeanor charges, of course.

Civil action is often also undertaken, particularly in cases of theft or shoplifting, by the merchant or individual considered to be the victim in the case. Plaintiffs typically seek damages for the items lost or damaged during the course of theft or shoplifting, and court fees. In other words, if you don’t pay for your own attorney, you will probably end up paying for theirs.

Finally, the loss of personal freedom and time in response to a misdemeanor conviction is not solely related to jail, fines, or restitution ordered by the court. Common penalties such as community services or mandatory enrollment in a theft, shoplifting, or driving class, can be expensive and time consuming.

For example, what does 200 hours of community service mean to a full-time member of the workforce? An individual who works forty hours a week will likely spend their weekends fulfilling their community service requirements. Assuming eight hours of service, both Saturday and Sunday, this works out to working every day of every weekend for just over two months. Days off are overrated, right?

Typically, a term of probation is also part of the punishment for misdemeanor conviction for petty theft, shoplifting, or a similar crime. Probation means very little for individuals who do not find themselves on trial for additional crimes, but the consequences of any further convictions will be more severe.

Most or all of these problems associated with misdemeanor convictions for theft, shoplifting, or other minor crimes can be avoided through good legal advice from an experienced attorney. Fathree & Fathree, PC, has extensive experience in both criminal and civil cases, and maintains offices in Claremore, Oklahoma. Our lawyers also serve surrounding areas in Rogers County including Vinita.

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At Fathree & Fathree, PC, lawyers serving the Claremore area, we know that legal problems can be an emotionally and financially difficult time for everyone involved, and all the more so for families with children. For that reason, it is important to arrive at an amicable legal decision as quickly as possible. Our experienced attorneys have extensive legal knowledge regarding family law and criminal law can provide your legal needs. Let us fight for you!